Hudson Valley Breastfeeding Photographer | Portrait Day

As the premiere Hudson Valley breastfeeding photographer, I love love LOVE to capture the unique bond that nursing creates between mother and child…. As I journey through motherhood myself, more than ever do I realize that every moment in a person’s life is fleeting. Especially for mamas who relish those…

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Cold Spring Newborn Photographer | Norah

As the premiere Cold Spring Newborn Photographer, I love having happy families in my studio! Norah’s family was the epitome of happy when they came in for newborn portraits. They brought along their happy son, Miles, too. We were able to capture many beautifully happy family portraits, and then some…

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Dutchess County Baby Photographer | F girls

As the premiere Dutchess County Baby Photographer, one of my favorite ages to capture is 12months. The big first birthday! One of the families who came to my studio recently was the F family, and they specifically wanted 12month portraits of their twin daughters. Of course, I did that for…

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Beacon NY Newborn Photographer | Baby Z

I happily welcomed Sweet Baby Z into my Beacon NY newborn photographer studio. See, I’ve known one of his mamas since high school. Finding out that she was expecting a little boy was a very happy day. I know these women went through a lot to get their little man,…

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